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Orienteer City the concept

When you are ready to discover a city it does not mind if you are living there a lot of years, or you have born there, or even first time you visit the city. It will be an experience to discover the culture, the history and reaching spot controls all around the orienteering map meanwhile you enjoy sharing with others an small urban adventure.

The participants are persons and two types of participation : Real and Virtual.

* The Real mode of participation the persons must to be present in the city and the participation in teams.

* The Virtual mode of participation the persons do not need to be present in the city only need an internet connection and the participation is individual.

Your team (or user in case of virtual participation) will take at the start time a Questionnaire, Answers card (or Answers form in case of virtual participation) and a Map of the city. The map has marked all controls. The controls are placed at the terrain exactly in the centre of each circle. The time limit for all participants will be two (2) hours.

With all these elements the team need to visit as much controls as possible and answer correctly the questions. Each question answered correctly add points to the team, and the incorrect answers take out points.

The team classes REAL participation

The components of the teams could be a group from 2 to 5 persons

There are 3 classes of teams:

Familiar teams: * All team components are the same family.

Scholar teams: * All team components are the same school.

Friend teams: * All team components are friends.

The Questionnaire

There will be as questions as controls. The questions have four possible answers. Only one answer is the correct. Each control is located at a visible street feature (monument, fountain, tree, graffiti, etc.) and corresponds only one question indicated with a two digits at the questionnaire.

The Answers card

Each answered question will be filled corresponding to the order number indicated in the map description. Only one of the four options (A, B, C, D) will be correct. Only written boxes scores points. Those boxes which has blank written the points will be 0.

The Map

Answers card

We will use an orienteering map easy to read and big amount of details to navegate. The orienteering maps have a standard colors, forms and symbols to represent the city objets. The standard map represntation rules are named ISSOM. International Sprint Standard of Orienteering Maps.

What we need per person or per team?

Real mode of participation:

* A pen.

* Confortable clothes.

Virtual mode of participation:

* An electronic device (smart phone, tablet, computer) with navegation program.

* An internet connection.

Rules , points, time penalty and jury

At least one component of the team will be an adult person (+18 years old) and it will be responsable for other team components under 18 years old.

All teams components must stay together from the beginning to the end of time of the event. The teams can walk, or running togehter but will be forbidden to use other means of displacement. At the start the teams will check the questionnaire get the same questions as controls get the map. Choose a suitable route for our team and we will go to each control in the elected order.

When we arrive the place of each question we need look the object and observate it to answer correctly the question refered. If your team respond correctly the points added will be the first digit (number of tens) between 3 to 9 points. Otherwise your team respond incorrectly you will add (-3) points.

The time limit will be two (2) hours. If the teams do not exceed this time do not add a penalty points. For each minute or fraction in seconds the teams add (-3) points. In the case of a tie on points will be first the team with less time.

The jury will have three members with 3 persons who are not participating on the event. the jury only will act in case of desambiguation of question or not equity for all the teams to the answer one question. The jury could cancel the problematic questions and it would not add points to anyone.

Start and finish

The Start will be at the same place for all teams and at time. The day Sunday 3 of July 2016. The starting time will be at 9.30 a.m. The exact place is indicated at the map. Please be all team 20 - 30 minutes before the start to colect the time control card. A short briefing 5 minutes before the start for all teams.

The Finish will be at the same place for all teams start. The exact place will have a tripod with electronic finish. One member of the team needs to check the finish with the device to close the team time.

The Time control

It will be taken by an electronic system used at orienteering events only Finish time control (Sportident TM). All teams will assign one chip to participate. If one team have not a chip The organistationcan rent or sell a chip. In case the team be opposite to take the assigned chip to time can not be start.

You can rent a chip for the event if you have not one. For renting one chip one the team need pay the rent fee + deposit fee . A team only will need one chip. If you never used this system before you can practice before the start or view the video.

The prizes

The first teams for all classes in real participation and the unique class of virtual participation will get pizes.

The prizes for teams (+40 € value per person) REAL participation will be an orienteering compass, Old city map picture, free registration to the next orienteering event FEDOCV for all team components.

The prizes for Virtual participation (only if we have more than ten participants) will be an old city map picture.

All winners will receive a conmemorative cup of the event Orienteer Valencia 3.0

Virtual mode of participation

As the same way as Real mode the information: Maps and questionnaire will be available online at the same time of Real Start. The same time limit and the same penalties for time and incorrect answers.

The answer form need to be sended online before the time limit. The time limit will be before noon of the day of the event in other case the participant will be disqualify. The Virtual mode participants can be help by online images of the city terrain as Street View (Google TM) or Street Side (Microsoft TM)

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